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26 January 2007 @ 11:08 pm
FIC: Jami Understands  
TITLE: Jami Understands
AUTHOR: ic789
PAIRING: Nick Stokes/Gil Grissom
SPOILERS: Mid Season 7
DISCLAIMER: In the land of baby sprites and baby fairies.
SUMMARY: Baby Jami describes her father's pregnancy
AUTHOR'S NOTES: All comments appreciated and welcome.

My fathers are arguing again, it’s always about the same thing. The New Baby. They think I don’t understand them, but I do. Daddy has been talking to me about getting another baby since I can remember. He says it will be “Mini-Me,” which is a very strange name for a baby. He keeps telling me I’m the oldest one and that I will always have to set the example, whatever that is.

Daddy-o is the one who can grow a baby inside him, like a doggie. I don’t really understand how the baby gets in there, but he told me it’s like a seed. We planted a seed in the yard. Now it has a stem and small leaves. It’s supposed to turn into an apple tree and give us fruit someday. Daddy-o got his seed from Daddy, and the baby is growing from it. It must’ve been a very small seed, because he couldn’t show it to me.

Now they are talking loudly about whether Daddy-o should keep working at the lab. He says there’s no reason to stop, but Dad is arguing about chemicals and long hours. I like going to the lab, there are lots of machines that make different noises.

The people there always look at me like I’m a bug, watching and listening to everything I say and do. Except the lady Sara, she never talks to or smiles at me. I like Bobby and Greg the best, Bobby always gives my tummy tickles, and Greg gives me candy. That man Warrick always throws me up in the air like a bird, but sometimes I bang my head and it hurts. Jim is the nicest, he lets me sit on his lap and press the buttons on his computer. He tells me stories about the cops. I call Catherine and Sophia the “Pretty Ladies” because they look like the ladies in magazines. They always want to pick me up and hold me. I don’t like Hodges because he smells strange, like yucky stuff. Archie never lets me in his office, he thinks I have sticky fingers; but he tells me stories about robots.

Daddy-o works at night, so I always see him when I wake up. Sometimes he is so tired, we just go back to sleep. He talks to me then about The Baby, and tells me that I’m the luckiest Baby in the world because I’m a miracle. I don’t really know what that means, but he always looks so happy when he says it, I laugh. Lately, he’s been crying when he talks to me, telling me it’s hard to grow a baby. I like to rub his face when he cries, and then he stops. He lets me pick out my own clothes. Then we watch the TV with all the people talking very seriously. He teaches me to talk with him using my fingers and hands before I go to the “Sitter.”

Daddy works in part of the day, so he picks me up from the Sitter. Sometimes I see him in the mornings, but he’s very grumpy. He needs to take a nap, like me. He love birds and I do too. He takes me out to the mountains and we watch them. He smiles and laughs a lot, especially when I do stuff like putting my clothes on by myself. He always reads to me from big books, I love the sound of his voice when we do this.

I’m going to cry now, because then they’ll stop arguing.

Now I’m in the bathtub getting clean. They didn’t stop until I poured the juice on my hair and shrieked. “Look what you made our daughter do,” Daddy said as he unbuckled my highchair’s strap and sat me on the counter with a towel. “She doesn’t know what we’re saying,” Daddy-o kissed my head and brought me into the bathroom.

“Oh Jami, when are you going to stop dumping stuff on your head?” He says while rubbing the shampoo around my hair.

“She hates it when we argue, ya’ know?” Daddy says coming in and sitting on the big toilet.

“No she doesn’t, she’s just cranky because we ate so late.”

“Gil, the next time we’re arguin’ take a look at her expression. It upsets her.”

“What upsets her is the tone of our voices, not the content.”

“Exactly, we have to stop fighting in front of her. We’re fighting about her sibling for goodness sake. She may end up hating the baby because of it,” Daddy gets a towel ready for me. I love it when he wraps me up in the big ones. “Now, are you going to cut back on your hours?”

“Nick, there is no reason to change my hours,” Daddy-o starts talking with that mean voice again. “I’m not going too.”

“You’d get a lot of quality time with Jami.”

“I can work full time for at least another two months.”

“Gil, look at her face, right now,” Daddy says pointing at me.

I can’t help it, my lower lip trembles. They’re looking at me with serious faces. One tear falls.

“Oh Baby, please don’t cry. I’m sorry,” Daddy-o signs with his hands. He picks me up all wet and holds me. Rubbing my back, he says, “Is she still crying?”

“No, but she knows exactly what we’re talking about. Don’t ya’, Sweetie?” I nod and he wraps me and cuddles me in the big towel.

“Gil, she shook her head ‘yes’ when I asked her that. Ask her a question,” Daddy says rubbing my hair with part of the towel. He’s very excited.

“Jami, do you want this baby?” Daddy-o signs to me.

“Yes,” I sign back smiling. “I want my baby brother.”

Their faces look funny with big eyes, so I laugh. “Nick, she wants a sibling,” Daddy-o says softly, and then he gives us a big hug. Daddy takes my hand and puts it on Daddy-o’s tummy, “Here’s your baby, Honey.” Now they’re kissing. I love it when they kiss because they look so happy. I love it when they are happy; it makes their eyes sparkle.

I can’t wait for my baby to come.
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elmyraemilie: Gil & Nick sobranelmyraemilie on January 27th, 2007 10:50 pm (UTC)
Awwww. Awwwwwwwwww.

I love Jami's description of the people in the lab. So funny. She's a smart little girl; takes after both her Daddies.
Eye See...Seven Ate Nine: Smokin'ic789 on January 31st, 2007 01:43 am (UTC)
Thank you So Much for commenting! :) She's almost too smart, her next challenge may be potty training before her sibling arrives...Thanks for reading. Cheers.
Mikeshmikesh2 on January 31st, 2007 08:20 pm (UTC)
Good but why would he teach her how to sign? Or can she not talk? or is it in case he loses his hearing so they can still talk to each other? Keep up the good work and hope to see more soon!!
Eye See...Seven Ate Nine: Sweetieic789 on February 1st, 2007 02:51 am (UTC)
Thank you for your comments, and reading! YAY! Gil is teaching her to sign because it's a language he wants her to learn, Nick may teach her Spanish. If she ever meets Gil's Mom, she can "talk" to her as well. She can talk, beginning to put thoughts and complete sentences together. Cheers!