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18 August 2007 @ 12:53 am
FIC: Doll Clothes (Nick/Gil)  
TITLE: Doll Clothes
AUTHOR: ic789
PAIRING: Gil Grissom / Nick Stokes
SPOILERS: None, set early in Season 6
DISCLAIMER: In the world of faeries, unicorns, and baby fawns :)
SUMMARY: Gil reminisces about Nick's reaction to their first pregnancy. (Jami)
AUTHOR'S NOTES: It's been a bit, I've had a lot of trouble getting up and running with the new expensive paperweight (my computer). All comments welcome! :)

Every open case on his desk was reviewed, initialed, and closed by him. It was his last official "workday" and his first day of "maternity leave."

This was the last door to close on his current life, with a week to adjust before the arrival of his new child. Although he didn't really appreciate working from home, it gave him a sense of reality. He kept the same hours, the same routine, and had gone out to each site as necessary; but he didn't attend the autopsies or do any actual work in the lab. His doctor was adamant that the chemicals could be very dangerous if he were exposed to them. He smiled as the baby kicked him hard as if reminding him of the extreme importance of their situation.

He sighed heavily and moved onto the final task of his 'working day'. His husband barely let him breathe without concern when they were together. Nick's checklist of questions about Gil's daily health was an exhausting event every day, unless Nick was working overtime. A very clever Nick had a worksheet that he made Gil fill out if he knew he wasn't going to make it home in time for the ritual quiz. Today was one of those days, and Gil sighed again pulling the questionnaire onto the folders that Nick would take back to the lab. Moving the bulky folders out of the way, he removed the staple and spread the sheets out in front of him. The first two sheets had multiple choice questions: "What time did you get out of bed? What time did you eat breakfast?" The answers were usually the same and Gil quickly filled in the circles, simultaneously feeling annoyed and very loved. The last ten always made him smirk at his clever man: "Did you masturbate? Did you have a wet dream?" Of course Nick would keep track of this, anything that Gil experienced could cause Nick to be mother-hennish and overbearing, or excited and silly; after all he was carrying the fragile life force inside him that they'd created.

He put his pen down and let himself wander into the baby's new room. It was beautiful and ready for the small life that would fill it. He bent down and threw a tissue into the Diaper Genie, checking the amount of time it took to twist it out of the way. He pulled out the "Dora the Explorer" backpack and spread everything out in the crib after he pulled the side down. It was their child's first suitcase, carefully chosen with a male and female character on it. Neither one of them wanted to know the sex of their baby, but the doctor left an amniocentesis report on top of his chart early in the pregnancy and Gil couldn't control his curiosity. He didn't say a word to Nick and soon didn't even think about it until it came time to buy things for their offspring. Nick steered him to buy things that would fit either sex, but Gil couldn't help smiling as he picked up the little dresses and outfits with ruffles on the pants. As he pulled out the newborn diapers, the wipes, the 'receiving' blanket, the small parrot stuffed animal; his emotions took over. Picking up the little outfits, he went to the rocking chair and sat on the new black and white cushions; a gift from Archie so their baby would 'remember' that it was safe.

He unfolded the newborn onesie that said "I'm Daddy's Favorite" in awe. He put a sock on each finger, two pairs in case she got cold during the car ride home from the hospital. He put a baby hat on each big toe of his propped up feet, in wonderment that a human that small was coming to live in their house. After folding each small burping cloth three times, he came to the little t-shirts. They had snaps on the shoulder and it seemed impossible to call it a t-shirt, they were doll clothes. Everything had been washed by Nick in Dreft three or four times so that the baby would have something soft to come home in. Nick knew that Gil 'visited' the suitcase often because he did as well, especially when he came home from working on a difficult case, particularly one that involved children. Nick dutifully washed everything so that it would be fresh for the baby. Wiping the tears of joy from his eyes with the back of his hand, Gil saw an envelope fall out of the carefully folded green one-piece pajamas with a red ladybug on the chest. He carefully opened it, happily surprised that he'd been found out.

My dearest Gil;
I know things are going to change really fast for us once our baby comes and I'm writing this to always remind you that you've given me the most amazing gift of my life. You gave me love in it's purest form. I know that we had a very rocky start and I still can't believe that you picked me to be your life partner. The day you got me out of the box was the beginning of my new life. Thank you for staying through that rough patch. You never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself. Now, I'm beginning another life, one with you and our baby. I'm sorry that I wasn't completely truthful with you when I stopped using condoms, it was just so natural and I don't regret it one bit. I'm still overwhelmed that you got pregnant, yet, there's absolutely no one else I can imagine having my baby. Maybe I will get my dream of having a Stokes-Grissom basketball or soccer team ;) (Gil smiled through his tears at the happy face that Nick drew in). I couldn't ask for anything more, you've completed my life. I can't wait to meet our 'mini-me' and I hope that he/she gets your eyes and my smile. Always remember that my contribution is of love, you're the best thing that ever happened to me. I'll always be with you, no matter what; and our baby is going to be a genius who will support us in our 'senior' years. (Another drawn smile). Don't be afraid of the birth Peanut, I'll be holding your hand the entire time. Forever-Nicky (more smiles).

The baby kicked as Gil's cel phone rang. Seeing it was the lab receptionist, he let it go to his message box knowing it wasn't pressing. He sat rubbing the paper between his fingers, letting the raw emotion take over him as he read it again, out loud for the baby.

He smiled remembering Nick's reaction when he told him about their baby. He had taken time to go to his doctor after a week and a half of severe nausea that wasn't getting better with any over the counter remedies. Although Gil knew there was a small possibility that he was actually pregnant, he didn't want to tell Nick until he absolutely had too. When the doctor confirmed that they were going to have a baby, Gil rode the roller coaster at New York New York four times delaying the confrontation. Because the chances of him actually getting pregnant were so slim, he knew he was keeping the baby, whatever Nick felt about the journey didn't affect the decision. They'd been seeing each other for a year and a half, married just shy of a year, completely in love. But a new baby changed everyone's life involved, and Gil jumped ahead in time to whom would teach his daughter to dance for her wedding while he was driving home.

He'd arrived before Nick that early afternoon and ordered their favorite meals from their favorite lunch diner, forgetting that Nick was bringing home food. Gil tidied up the house, which Nick had kept really clean to help Gil get over his 'illness', so it didn't require a lot of effort. He had just finished setting the table with candles and the plates they'd gotten as a Christmas gift from his Mom when they moved in together, and heard the key in the lock. Nick walked in, put his keys on the table, laid his work bag next to the coat closet and trudged into the kitchen. Gil watched as he made a face seeing the food cartons on the counter and turned towards Gil, full pout on. "Didn't you get my message? I told ya' I was gonna get the food." He placed his cloth bag of food on the counter.

"Come here Baby, we have to talk," Gil motioned Nick towards their living room. Nick gave Gil a hug with heavy arms and a deep kiss 'hello.' He sighed as he sat on the couch and began unlacing his boots. Gil saw the dark circles of sweat on his shirt and the dirt underneath Nick's fingernails and knew he'd come directly from a site. The man was exhausted.

"Honey, I'm so tired, I just wanna eat my burrito and hit the sack," Nick replied helplessly after taking the first boot and sock off.

"Nick, go take a shower. I got lunch from the diner and will heat up whatever you want."

"Okay, heat up the food from the diner and I'll eat the burrito for breakfast tomorrow." Nick left to deposit his boots near the closet and get cleaned up.

Seeing Nick's worn face and body had given Gil more courage for sharing his news. Nick came fresh from the shower smelling squeaky clean, only the circles under his eyes gave away how his body felt. He put his arms around Gil's chest, burrowing his forehead into the strong back, and pressed his entire body on Gil. It was the moment etched in Gil's mind that Nick was the one person with whom he could raise a child. Gil turned to face his hungry mate and kissed him with love. Running his hands down Nick's body, he wasn't surprised to feel Nick's strong naked bottom; they hardly ever wore clothes around each other at home.

As their kisses became more urgent, Nick's body responded to a different need. He turned the oven off and took Gil's hand, quietly leading them to the bedroom. He sat Gil on their bed and carefully pulled the shirt off the older man, who was busy unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. Nick laid on top of Gil rubbing him with one hand through the boxers that Gil still wore. "MMmmm...have I told you I love you today?" Nick interjected between kisses. Nick slipped his hand under the elastic and pulled said underpants down so they were both wriggling with body heat and lust. As they came up for air, Gil cleared his throat tentatively.

"Nick, I have something extremely important to talk to you about."

"My body has something to tell ya'..." Nick answered, continuing to kiss Gil's face dreamily. Gil rolled them over so that Nick was on his back, somewhat pinned, now with a concerned look on his face at the sudden seriousness.

"Gil, what did the doctor say?"

"I'm going to have a baby."

"Is it serious? Gil, don't play with me, it is serious?" Nick's face was a study in concern, eyebrows furrowed, lips tight. "Tell me!"

"I'm going to have a baby, Nick. We're going to be parents." Gil repeated calmly as though they were discussing who was taking the garbage out.

"That's not even close to being funny." Nick's tiredness caused him to try and push Gil off. "Let me up."

"No. Nicky, listen to me." Gil's stern voice caused the other man to lay back boneless. "I have one ovary and a fully functional uterus next to my bladder. That ovary produces eggs that can be fertilized every four months. I'm an anatomical conundrum. Do you understand?"

"I..." Nick's loss of words was overshadowed by his head nodding 'yes' and 'no' simultaneously. A few seconds of silence that seemed to last an hour for each man followed as Gil nodded to confirm what Nick was trying to wrap his head around. "I..." he tried again. Gil broke the spell by leaning in and giving Nick the most tender of his kisses, stroking his face. The bubbling laughter surprised both of them as Nick broke away in a giggling heap. Gil couldn't help joining in as the laughter overtook Nick's entire body. Nick pieced it together the best he could, confirming what Gil said; that he was pregnant and Nick was the father. They were soon on their backs, laughter filling the room.

Suddenly, Nick jumped out of the bed and began pacing. "You're serious about this aren't ya'?" he said, rubbing the side of his head and neck after a few moments. "I'm gonna be a father?" Nick finally stopped and looked directly into Gil's eyes for any answer.

"Yes Dear, we're going to have a baby-you and me." Gil wiped the laughter tears from his eyes and sat up on his elbows.

"Oh my...oh my...oh my goodness!" Nick jumped back onto Gil kissing him everywhere and hugging him tightly. They were lying completely entwined as Nick alternately kissed and gently rubbed the side of GIl's face. Tears of joy began flowing freely from Nick and he kissed Gil with unadulterated passion.

"Hey, hey Hon. I'm going to have the baby and it's going to be a difficult pregnancy. I understand if you can't do it."

"I'm never leavin'. Right now, I'm gonna enjoy this." Nick kissed him more urgently nudging their legs apart to allow for his erection. "You're giving me the best gift I've ever gotten, a baby made with you." Nick said emotionally and somehow got even closer to Gil. He finally put his hand on Gil's man-belly and cried even more. "I love ya' Peanut."

They made passionate love for well over an hour and a half, noted because both men's cell phones rang simultaneously rousing them from the afterglow. Ignoring the sound, they smiled knowing that it was going to work. They silently communicated their mutual adoration and snuggled into each other for a very deep sleep.

Gil awoke to a blanket being put over him. Opening his eyes as a gentle kiss was given to his forehead, and then his very pregnant belly, he saw Nick kneeling in front of him. "Hi." he greeted quietly watching Nick remove the baby clothes from his body.

"Hey Peanut, are ya' okay?"

"I was just remembering when I told you we were pregnant. Your letter fell out of the baby's sleeper, and I must've fallen asleep." He yawned and stretched his body.

"You weren't supposed to get that until we put the baby in it." Nick smiled casting his eyes downward as he blushed.


"Come lay on the couch and I'll get our lunch ready. Tell me about your day." Nick held his hand out to help the very pregnant man launch out of the rocking chair.

Settling on the couch, Gil sighed as he was handed a plate of food and the questionnaire was in front of Nick, one third of the thing filled out. "So, how long did you sleep?" Nick asked between bites of his hamburger. Gil smiled with love towards his husband.

"Nick, the baby will be here on Thursday, in six days. Let's enjoy this time, I'm tired of being in the petrie dish." Gil thoughtfully pushed his mashed potatoes around.

"Alright, we'll do it later. Want a cookie?" Nick answered sweetly.

"Thanks for the letter, I read it to the baby who agrees with everything you wrote. I love you." Gil realized that he was really finally ready for their baby to enter the world. He couldn't ask for anything more, his life was complete. Whatever life he had didn't compare to the new one within. He unconsciously rubbed his belly as the baby moved. This new life was going to be more exciting than he'd ever imagined.
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Mikeshmikesh2 on September 14th, 2007 03:40 am (UTC)
Very cute. Hope to see more!!
Eye See...Seven Ate Nine: BP-The S in Sexyic789 on September 18th, 2007 07:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks for readin it and I'm glad you liked it. I have been having computer difficulties all summer, which has made it difficult to write and post. Gil HAS got to have this child. ;P
(Anonymous) on February 24th, 2008 11:51 pm (UTC)
this story has been wonderful....and i WISH THIS WAS CONTINUED.....i would LOVE know what happened, as this chapter.......please, think of updating it.

Eye See...Seven Ate Nine: GE/BPic789 on August 1st, 2008 10:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you for commenting; I have no excuse for not updating-I guess I'm procrastinating as Gil can't be pregnant forever, and once he has the baby, it's over. ;( I will finish this story soon. ;)