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07 May 2007 @ 10:34 pm
FIC: Sex and Safari (Nick/Gil)  
TITLE: Sex and Safari
AUTHOR: ic789
PAIRING: Nick Stokes/Gil Grissom
WARNING: M-preg, boy love
SPOILER: Set mid-season 7
DISCLAIMER: The land where men can have babies and lots of sex.
SUMMARY: Nick adjusts to Gil's changing hormones.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: With a bit more time on my hands, I finally got to write this little slice of life. All comments welcome! =) Please don't let this comm wither, I know there are some great writers out there.

“Hey Nick.” Catherine finally found him, lying on the locker room bench sound asleep. “Nick!” She tried again.

“Dangit, someone found me.” He thought coming back into consciousness. His back hurt, the arm covering his eyes had fallen asleep, he couldn’t decide whether he could feel his legs, and he decided to play ‘statue’.


There was Catherine’s voice again, loud and clear; and he knew that she knew that he was awake. The hand firmly on his shoulder shaking him caused him to open his eyes. “Oh hey Cath,” he tried as casually as he dared. She didn’t look too happy, in fact, she looked a lot like his Mom used too when he didn’t get up for school in a timely fashion.

“I didn’t approve any overtime for you, what are you still doing here?” She opened her locker and got clothes to change out of the blue jumpsuit into.

“I had to run the carpet sample through the mass spectrometer, and I was waiting for Sara to finish usin’ it.” He didn’t move.

“Nice try. Greg ran the carpet sample through about four hours ago. Your husband called looking for you and has turned me into a very expensive and tired messenger. Go home. Now.” She jabbed his shoulder and left him still lying on the bench.

He sighed and tried to sit up, groaning in pain. Rubbing his lower back, he looked at his watch, happy that he’d been asleep for an hour and a half. He rubbed his eyes, and running a hand over his stubbly face, yawned. He’d finished his shift two and half hours ago, but couldn’t bring himself to go home. Then he’d spent thirty-five minutes looking for a place to crash in the lab.

The sun hurt his eyes when he left the building, finally turning his phone on to see four missed calls from Gil. Driving out of the parking lot, he tried to remember if they needed anything from the store when the phone rang again. Sighing heavily, he answered calmly, “Hey Peanut.”

“What happened to you? I thought you were working straight hours today.” Gil sounded so giddy it made him wince.

“Yeah, I had to wait for the rug sample to be confirmed. Sorry I didn’t call.”

“I have a surprise for you when you get home. Hurry.” Gil sounded as excited as Jami did when she was getting sprinkles on her ice cream.

“I have to get some things from the grocery store…”

“Already done. Nick, I’ve been waiting for two and a half hours. C’mon.”

“I’m on my way. Love ya’.” He answered flatly and closed the phone.

Immediately, he thought of which excuse he could use when he got home. Gil’s hormones had kicked into overdrive, and he couldn’t and wouldn’t keep his hands off of any part of Nick. Only the need to tend to Jami had kept them from having a fourth round of sex the previous day. Nick was very tired and sore; the skin on his penis had raw patches, his lips were chapped, his back spasmed, his thighs were raw from beard stubble, sitting down anywhere hurt, but the worst was how tender and rubbed his nipples were. He honestly didn’t know how much more he could take. He’d made a doctor’s appointment for the day after next to get everything checked out.

Walking into their home, Nick went directly to the kitchen and was surprised to see Gil standing over the oven pulling out a big roasting pan wearing only an apron that barely covered his chest and now seven months pregnant belly. Nick closed his eyes, wishing he’d gone straight to the bedroom. “Why me?” he thought. Instead, he kissed Gil’s head and opened the refrigerator. “Hey. Don’t ya’ think ya’ ought to put some clothes on?” He grabbed the juice and drank right out of the carton.

“Hey Yourself. You know I really hate it when you do that.” Gil reprimanded him as he poked at the meat in the pan. He seemed satisfied and lifted the top off a large pot on the stovetop.

“I finished it off.” Nick smiled, hoping that this would annoy Gil enough to leave him alone. “Where’s my Little Peanut?”

“That’s the surprise!” Gil’s entire body lit up with a smile reserved for a ten-year-old boy getting the bicycle he really wanted for Christmas. “Lindsay had a half day at school and I dropped our Princess off over there for the afternoon.” Gil’s wiggling eyebrows were enough to spark interest in Nick’s nether parts.

“Oh really. What ever will we do now?” Nick deadpanned.

“Well, we get to be adults, beginning with a sumptuous meal for the hardest working CSI around. Then, we’ll see where the afternoon takes us.”

Nick’s body was in charge now, forcing him to wrap his arms around Gil’s naked back and biting the nape of his neck. Just the thought of having undisturbed sex caused him to forget his ailments. He was going to try and enjoy every second of Gil this afternoon. Turning to seek Nick’s mouth, Gil kissed him gently. “Go wash your hands for your favorite dinner,” he whispered.

Nick washed his hands noticing the house was really warm. He rubbed some Bacitracin on his nipples, Vaseline on his sore lips, penis, and thighs along with some Ben-Gay on his lower back all in hopes that the combination of ointments would soothe him and keep Gil at bay. He put some cotton gym shorts on, turned the heat off, and washed his hands again.

“Have a seat, please.” Gil instructed when he saw his husband so scantily clad. It reminded him of the year when they started dating, they rarely wore clothes around each other for a good nine months. Nick served himself a large bowl of green salad, and Gil served up a steaming plate of roast, homemade mashed potatoes with gravy, and spinach to Nick. After bringing in a beer for Nick and water for both of them, they both began to eat when Gil sat down with his plate.

“Isn’t this your favorite meal?” Nick asked biting into the juicy meat.

“You’re right, but it’s the only thing I know how to make perfectly.” Gil smiled predatorily.

“How’s Jami today?” Nick attacked the salad as though it wouldn’t stay in the bowl.

“She was moody again and didn’t want to get dressed this morning. She didn’t find any of the clothes in her closet suitable, so I let her wear clean pajamas.”

“Gil, you’ve got to stop lettin’ her moods dictate her behavior. You’re the adult.” Nick said shoveling potatoes in his mouth.

“You know how difficullt it is to deny her. Slow down, there won’t be any room left for dessert.”

“I can’t, it’s too delicious and it’s the first hot meal you’ve made me in a few weeks.”

“I’m sorry.” Since Gil had been home with Jami on ‘bed rest,’ they had a normal eating schedule. Jami and Gil ate hot dinners when Nick was asleep. Nick was still working nights, so he usually got breakfast when he got home, generally consisting of oatmeal and fruit, sometimes a hard-boiled egg. Cooking made Gil too nauseous in the morning and Jami ate cold cereal most of the time with her fruit. “Trust me, you’re going to want dessert.”

They talked about the lab, Nick’s current caseload, and Mike Keppler. Nick didn’t want Gil to visit the lab because he would start working everyone’s case so he never left out a detail as he relayed his day’s activity.

Gil seemed very happy being a stay-at-home-Dad, the pregnancy making him thrive domestically. And spending so much one-on-one time with Jami had lightened him up considerably. Nick often found them in some pretend world playing together when he got home, sometimes feeling left out. He’d laughed out loud when they both insisted that he crawl on his hands and knees the second he came through the front door once. They were on safari. Playing a family of pumas stalking an antelope in the hallway, which was actually Jami’s small stuffed giraffe surrounded by assorted stuffed animals that were supposed to be other herd members, both slinking on the floor in black t-shirts, faces painted black with pink noses.

The men enjoyed their home cooked meal, with its adult conversation and table manners. Desert was a bundt cake that turned out tasting delicious. Nick always chuckled to himself when Gil tried baking anything because it never tasted the way it was supposed too, with Gil swearing that he’d followed every single direction precisely. Jami and Nick often spit out the first bite, both with the same dissatisfied expressions, tongues hanging out, eyebrows creased dramatically. Nick would then get them ice cream, purposely not giving Gil a bowl or cone as punishment for trying to poison them. Now when Jami saw a homemade cake, pie, or cookies, she would cross her tiny arms and say, “No poi-some. Thank you.” Her fathers never failed to giggle.

Pushing his chest out and rubbing his belly, Nick gave him an affectionate grin. Gil noticed the half open eyes glazed over in satisfaction and was relieved. Next on the agenda was relieving his erection, which had been saluting Nick for the past ten minutes. “I’m tired.” Nick stretched and yawned widely. “I’ve gotta sleep, Peanut. Thanks for the luscious meal.” He got up and kissed Gil’s mouth appreciatively, licking his bearded chin as though getting some remnants of their dinner off. He hoped to deter Gil’s libido for a few hours.

Gil nodded and proceeded to clean up. He’d noticed the dark circles under Nick’s brown eyes and the ointment covering cracked lips and nipples. Smelling the muscle cream confirmed that they’d been having too much sex. The past week and a half, Nick had stayed later and later at the lab, Gil confirming with Catherine that he wasn’t working overtime.

Nick’s masculine scent gave Gil erections that he hadn’t felt since his late twenties. Dr. Rotsac gently reminded them that his sex drive could be very high due to the hormonal changes in the last trimester. It had begun a few days after Gil returned from the hospital, and although it hurt to come, he pleasured himself every chance he could. Nick hadn’t wanted to engage in any sexual activity until he was sure that the wound had healed and his baby was safe.

Once all systems were ‘go’, Gil didn’t even try to control his urges. They’d been having sex in the shower during Jami’s naps, in her bedroom closet while playing “hide-and-seek”, and in their office when she was engrossed in watching television. Gil grabbed Nick’s bottom, fondled him discreetly through his pants, and rubbed against him continuously, causing an almost continuous blush to the already rosy cheeks. Nick didn’t want to swat his hands away in front of Jami because he didn’t want her to think that Daddy-o was hurting him.

They always had a healthy appetite for gentle lovemaking and rough sex, able to alternate with ease. But because of the hours they were together now, and Jami’s curiosity, it had all been fast, furious, down and dirty. Nick had had to contort to a variety of very difficult positions to even reach Gil at times. Another major change was Gil’s desire for as much skin on skin contact as possible. Nick was the one who needed to cuddle, to caress, to soothe, to nibble and suck during sex; but now the tables were reversed. Gil had become tactile to the degree of a sticky fingered lizard crawling on a branch. Therefore each man was covered in small bruises, scratches, and tiny bite marks.

Crawling into their bed, Nick snuggled, pulling the covers around him hoping that Gil would let him sleep. He was hoping for eight hours undisturbed, the lab didn’t need him until ten that night.

Feeling the heavy hand on the left cheek of his bottom, Nick blinked. Then he felt the bed jiggling in a medium rhythm and knew that Gil was right next to him stroking himself. He turned over to face his pregnant husband, deciding that they had to talk about the ‘sex’ situation.

He saw Gil looking deeply into his eyes, with an expression of lust that had been constant for the past month. He leaned into Gil’s mouth and softly found his tongue. As they kissed more urgently, Nick’s erection ground ever so gently against Gil’s thigh.

“Baby, I gotta talk to ya’ about this.” Nick let go of Gil’s swollen member and whispered when they broke for air.

“Mmmm…I know.” Gil sighed deeply. “I’m hurting you aren’t I?” He touched Nick’s cheek as gently as he could.

“If I was ten years younger and didn’t have to work these hours, it wouldn’t be this bad. My body can’t take all of this lovin’. I’m sorry.” Nick cast his eyes downward in mock shame.

“Don’t do that. You haven’t turned me down once this past month; letting me touch you whenever, where ever, and however I’ve wanted too. I’m sorry. You’re a human, not my own personal sex slave.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, I love bein’ your sex slave. But I’m hurtin’. My nipples are so raw, it feels like I’ve been breast feedin’ twins. I made an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow to get checked out.”

“I’m sorry Honey.” Gil softly kissed Nick. “Breast feeding?” Gil tried to stifle his giggle.

“Trust me, you bite. I’m exhausted.” Nick yawned and lay on his back with closed eyes. “Will ya’ wake me at nine?”

“Yeah. Now turn over.” Gil began moving in the bed.

“I really can’t Hon.” Nick sighed seriously. “I’ve got to sleep.”

“I want to rub your back.”

“Oh.” Nick blushed.

“Sweet dreams.” Gil finished and covered Nick up, tucking him in. “I love you.” He kissed Nick’s head and quietly left their room.

He decided to go shopping for the rest of the afternoon, as they still needed furniture for the new baby and Jami. After confirming the delivery time, he picked his moody daughter up from the Willows’ residence. Jami was insisting on pizza for dinner, and Gil stopped at their favorite place. They ate together and played for a while before she got ready for bed. He took her in to kiss Nick ‘goodnight’ even though he was deeply asleep and laid her in her crib.

Gil couldn’t resist the urge to get back into bed with his warm husband, peeling off all of his clothes and trying hard not to move the bed. Nick took a deep breath and rolled over to snuggle into him, still asleep. Gil ran his fingers lightly through the dark soft hair and marveled at the peacefulness on Nick’s face.

Suddenly, Nick opened his eyes, trying to stifle a yawn. He cuddled close to Gil, hand automatically coming to rest on the pregnant man’s steel erection. When Nick stretched, Gil knew he was awake, even though he kept his eyes closed.

“Time for school?” Nick murmured into his neck.

“You’ve got another forty minutes.” Gil kissed his forehead, fingers still entwined in his short hair.

“Mmmm…is Jami sleepin’?”

“Yeah, she kissed you and wanted to sleep in here, but I stood up to her.” They both smiled. Nick began alternately stroking and pulling on Gil. “You don’t have to do that.”

“Maybe I want too.” Nick kissed Gil clumsily as he moved to gain more leverage. When Gil reached for his morning erection, Nick deftly moved out of the way.

“That raw, huh?”

“Yeah. I’ll be okay. Let me love ya’.”

Gil’s expression was pure pleasure as Nick nibbled on his testicles and twisted his wrist, fingertips caressing the velvet tip applying the perfect amount of pressure. His own erection leaking in anticipation, Nick felt the tremors begin under his tongue. He moved his other hand to tenderly stroke himself carefully. They came within moments of each other.

Nick crawled up and tried to wrap Gil in his arms, both boneless and drowsy. “I love you.” Gil whispered before he fell asleep. They slept soundly until the alarm went off, Nick trying to get out of bed not waking his husband. He kissed Gil, his belly, and then went into Jami’s room to kiss her goodbye once he was ready to go.

He was surprised to find her sitting up in her crib signing to her doll and ladybug in a circle illuminated by the moonlight. He often wondered whether she slept through the night, the baby monitor was always quiet. He didn’t stop to consider her reaction when he picked her up and hugged her. She smiled brightly, and wriggled to get put down, yawning and reaching for her ‘baby’. “Beck-fast,” she spoke and signed simultaneously, grabbing Nick’s hand once she had her doll.

“No Baby. It’s night-night, ya’ need to go back to sleep.” He picked her up again, realizing that this could be disastrous and cause him to be extremely late.

“Where’s Daddy-o?” She asked rubbing her eyes. “Beck-fast!” She was seconds away from fake tears.

Thinking fast, Nick checked her diaper. “You’re getting a treat. You get to sleep in the big bed, okay?” Nick changed her quickly, grinning to himself at his quick thinking. Jami always slept when she was placed near one of her slumbering fathers. And this would be the best way to get back at Gil for his current ailments. Jami cuddled like Nick, but since she was so much smaller, her tiny knees could be painful on their ribs. The worst was rolling over on the doll and her plastic limbs.

After she was settled next to Gil, Nick kissed them again and left. He felt better than he had in days, well rested, understood by Gil, and loved by his daughter. It was a great way to start his day.
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rednetra: nicky hotrednetra on May 8th, 2007 04:50 am (UTC)
Love it honey i think it is great work. I love Mpregs.
Eye See...Seven Ate Nineic789 on May 22nd, 2007 09:04 pm (UTC)
Thank you, hopefully Nick appreciates all of the sex, a new baby and a toddler won't leave too much time for anything else!;)
Mikeshmikesh2 on May 11th, 2007 04:56 am (UTC)
Very cute. Keep up the good work
Eye See...Seven Ate Nine: ES-Spiffyic789 on May 22nd, 2007 09:04 pm (UTC)
Thank so much for your comment, They will have a few more pregnancy hurdles to overcome. :)
foxxee99 on May 11th, 2007 05:20 pm (UTC)
Somebody give Gill a dose of bromide just to take the edge of and give poor dare i say shaged out nick a rest. As i have said before keep up the great work i love to read the stories but would never have the nerve to write or les post one
Eye See...Seven Ate Nine: Brazil Loveic789 on May 22nd, 2007 09:06 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I think most readers on this comm would be willing and eager to read anything new. "Nick shagged out"-LOVE it! Cheers!