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07 April 2007 @ 07:34 pm
FIC: Six Months, Six Hours-4/4 (Gil/Nick)  
TITLE: Six Months, Six Hours-4/4
AUTHOR: ic789
PAIRING: Gil Grissom / Nick Stokes
SPOILERS: Set mid-season 7; explains Gil's sabbatical.
DISCLAIMER: In the world of baby faeries, unicorns, and fawns. So adorable! :)
SUMMARY: The surgery goes forward.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. All medical procedure is not verified, if there are glaring problems, please let me know. Have a great Easter holiday! All comments welcome! :)

Jami wasn’t content to cry and soon began to shriek, red-faced and body racking. As Nick looked up from trying to comfort her and saw Catherine and Warrick walking towards them, his own dam quietly broke. Catherine took Jami, who began calming down; as Warrick hugged Nick, letting him cry for a few minutes.

“Uh… I went in because they thought it was time for the baby. But Gil started bleeding profusely and we had to come back out here.” He wiped his face with the back of his hand. “I’m sorry. This is so nerve racking, and then she just started to cry…” Nick threw his hands up in frustration.

“We just got off shift and thought you could use some company.” Catherine held up a bag, which Jami grabbed. “You’ve got to be hungry, it’s past lunch. C’mon little girl, let’s go eat.” Jami stopped crying and signed that she was ‘hungry’. Nick signed back, “I love you.” and Catherine led her to the waiting room.

“I don’t know what’s happening.” Nick’s brow creased, and he rubbed his neck.

“I’ll be right back, you need some fuel.” Warrick left him there looking through the door’s glass towards the room. Nick stretched his neck, trying to keep everything in perspective.

When Warrick handed him a sandwich, they stood together silently eating. Fifteen minutes later, Nick followed Warrick back into the waiting room. Jami was lying in Catherine’s arms, eyes fluttering.

“She is such a hearty little eater, just like you.” Catherine gave Nick her warmest smile. “No news yet?” Nick shook his head and Warrick handed him another sandwich. Finally sitting down and drinking some iced tea; Nick explained what had happened so far. Four hours had passed.

Dr. Rotsac’s resident suddenly appeared and motioned to Nick, and he and Warrick followed her into the hall. “We finally got the bleeding stopped. We need your permission to try a different procedure,” she began. “It was really close there. We’ve tried stitching the uterus closed three times, and it’s not holding. We’d like to take part of an artificial bladder and enclose the wound and uterus.”

“How’re Gil and my baby?” Nick interrupted.

“Gil is stabilized. The baby is in medium distress. We have to do something within the next twenty minutes.”

“Twenty minutes? Like what?” Warrick’s abrupt question shocked her.

“Do this procedure or bring the baby out.”

“Why and what kind of bladder?” Nick asked.

“The uterine wall is only compromised in the area surrounding the hernia. Using material similar to human skin, we can place that around the thinning wall, and the baby can stay put.”

“You mean like a graft?” Warrick asked.

“Exactly. The bladder is made of organic material that will eventually be assimilated into the body, and it won’t harm the baby.”

“How much longer will Gil be in there?” Nick asked, carefully pondering the procedure, Gil’s blood loss, the effect it was having on his unborn child, and how long he’d been in the operating room.

“It depends, once the material is in place, we have to wait and see if it even holds. If it doesn’t, the baby will have to come out.”

“Okay. Do the procedure.” Nick didn’t hesitate, reaching for the form to sign.

“Nicky, are you sure?” Warrick was concerned. “Let’s think about this.”

“I have to make a decision. My husband and child can’t wait, their lives depend on it.”

The resident took the clipboard, and headed back through the doors. They walked into the waiting room and found Jim cradling a napping Jami close to him. Nick took his baby and sat down, explaining the procedure to them.

“Hey Man, I’ve gotta go visit Tina on the second floor. I’ll be back in a few.” Warrick gave his friend’s shoulder a squeeze, and closed his cel phone making a face.

“Thanks Rick.” Nick sat brooding while watching Jami’s small body rest. Jim and Catherine made small talk as she cleaned up after their lunch.

“I’ve go to get Lindsey. It’s gonna work out, Nick.” Catherine looked at her watch.

“Thanks for coming Catherine. It means a lot to us.”

“Of course. Call me when he gets out of surgery. I’ll find you before shift, okay?” She kissed the top of his head, then Jami’s, and left.

“So, tell me what happened last night with my little princess.” Nick sighed. Jim understood that he needed a distraction, launching into the evening’s events. Five hours had passed.

Jami was still napping when Dr. Rotsac came to the doorway. Nick swallowed thickly as the doctor looked exhausted. “Nick, Gil and your baby are fine.”

Nick sighed, hugging Jami to him. “When can I see them?”

“They’re on the way to recovery. The second time I got the patch in we got really lucky. It stuck, and the surgery was successful. The baby is still inside Gil. He’s going to have to stay with us through the week, and then bed rest for the next month. It was really close, and Gil’s lost a lot of blood.”

Nick stood and shook Dr. Rotsac’s hand robustly. “Thank you. Six hours and my husband and baby are okay. I can’t thank you enough.”

“It’s going to still be a long road. We may have to go in again, depending on the graft. A nurse will come to take you to recovery in a few minutes. I’ll check in on you guys shortly.”

Jim hugged both of them to him, it was understood that Nick was the son he’d always wanted. “Hey, your little princess is waking up.” Jim tried to be cool.

“Yeah, she is.” Nick signed to her, “Hey Baby.”

Opening her eyes and yawning widely put everything into perspective for Nick. The tiny, innocent, and very broad smile made both men tear up. Jami nuzzled her head into Nick’s neck and he rubbed her little back. After a few moments, she signed to Nick, “Where’s Daddy-o? Where’s my brother?”

“What’d she say?” Jim asked.

“She asked where Gil was, I don’t understand the last part.” And Jami grabbed Nick’s hand and tried to manipulate his fingers in an effort to make him understand what she was saying.

“Daddy-o and our baby are resting, Sweetie.” Nick kissed the top of her head, and grabbed the diaper bag.

“Hey Jim, I gotta take care of business.”

“I’ll be right here.” Jim kissed Jami’s head.

As Nick changed her in the ‘Daddy’s Helper’ room, she furiously signed. Unfortunately, he didn’t understand all of her comments about where she wanted her baby brother to sleep when he got home.

“Hey, the nurse thought I was Gil’s partner and showed me to recovery.” Jim shrugged when they returned. “Let’s go.”

They passed NICU, and saw some parents crying over their tiny baby wearing a pink hat, lying in an incubator, hooked to machines. Nick knew that he’d come very close to being that couple and held Jami more tightly.

Jim instinctively took Jami from his arms as they entered Gil’s room. Seeing and hearing all of the monitors, as well as the various tubes hooked to him caused them all to gasp. Jim stayed at the door as Nick approached the bed.

Gil was very pale, and still had the oxygen tube in his mouth, machines monitoring his entire body. Nick took his right hand and brought it to his mouth, absentmindedly kissing the warmth while taking in the sight. Then he leaned down and kissed Gil’s belly and forehead. Gil quietly groaned, and Nick placed his hand on the cool forehead. He inwardly thanked God for not taking his husband. He listened for the faster heartbeat of his baby, and smiled.

A nurse entered, checking all of the machines, and writing on the chart. Nick retrieved his daughter, and Jim quietly stepped back into the corridor. As they approached the bed, Nick whispered to her that Gil was fine and that the baby was still inside. He let her lean down and kiss her Daddy-o on his belly. She furrowed her eyes and began signing again.

“Jami, I can’t understand ya’. Daddy-o is sleeping and he can’t see. Please talk.”

“Baby?” She questioned and pointed to Gil’s stomach.

“That’s right, your sib is still inside Daddy-o.”

“Daddy-o, wake up. Wake up and play.”

Gil stirred, and the anesthesiologist came in to take the tube from Gil’s mouth. “Excuse me, it would be better if you wait outside while I do this.”

“I’d rather stay here, it won’t upset us. I want to be here when he opens his eyes.” Nick stood his ground.

The doctor called Gil’s name loudly, rousing him back to consciousness. “C’mon Gil, open your eyes for me. There are some folks who want to see you.”

Gil’s blue eyes slowly flickered, and he reached his hand out. Nick took it carefully. He finally opened his eyes all the way and smiled. Jami squealed and clapped her tiny hands, and Nick beamed. “Boy are we glad to see ya’, Peanut. Our baby is still growing inside you.” The doctor pulled the tubes out and instructed Nick to give him sips of water as needed.

Gil and Nick couldn’t take their eyes off each other, both tearing up when the doctor left. Jami leaned in kissing his forehead, and then signed that she loved him. “Be careful, Honey. Daddy-o has to rest.” She didn’t want to be put down, so Nick struggled to get the chair over to the bedside. She sat on his lap sucking her thumb while they watched Gil fall back to sleep.

When Gil finally fell asleep, Nick took Jami out to the hallway. He was astounded to see the entire team including some of the lab techs standing and sitting on the floor waiting. “He’s gonna be fine. The surgery was a success. C’mon, let’s go to the waiting room.” Jami wiped the tear from his cheek.

Lindsey happily took Jami while Nick got hugs from everyone, and recounted the procedure. A nurse poked her head in, calling Nick over. “Hey, everyone, they’re moving Gil to his room, and I want to be with him. Can you guys watch her?”

Everyone, including Jami nodded, and Nick left. Walking back to recovery, he saw the parents in NICU holding their baby for the first time without machines or wires hooked up to her. It was obvious that she hadn’t survived, as the parents stood hugging her close to them and openly weeping. Nick stifled the urge to cry with and for them, internally grateful that his baby had been given a second chance.

Gil slept soundly for a few hours, as his visitors came to see that he was going to be fine. Jami was content to roam around the room, making everyone laugh and playing with Lindsey. Warrick picked her up, swinging her in the air, and she accidentally kicked Hodges in the face. He had to leave to get an ice pack for his eye, and everyone else began to leave. Many said that they would return when Gil woke up.

Gil finally awoke as Jim was preparing to take Jami home. She needed to eat and go to bed. She reached for Gil, and Nick gingerly let her lay next to him for a few moments. Gil kissed her ‘Goodnight,’ and she left giggling with Brass.

“Hey Peanut. I love you so much.” Nick kissed Gil’s face all over, lacing their fingers together.

“I feel like a marching band has been practicing on my vital organs. How long was I under?”

“It’s good to see you too.” Nick smiled, swallowing hard. “Six very long hours.”

“I knew I would be fine.” Gil smiled widely at his husband. “Tell me all about it.”

“Okay. But you’re not going to work anytime soon. A guy name Krippler or Campler somethin’ is coming from the East Coast to help out. Brass figured you’d need a break.”


“Dr. Rotsac isn’t letting you go home for a few days. Then it’s bed rest for a month, at least.”

“I’ll be back in the lab in a few days.” Gil remarked earnestly.

“Well, then we’ll be back in the hospital and end up with a baby that will spend her new life in NICU.” Nick wasn’t playing the ‘work’ game with him.

“I really love you Nick Stokes.” Gil teared up.

“Right back at ya’.” Nick leaned in, finding Gil’s warm mouth. Their hopeful kiss was filled with immense relief and love.
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rednetrarednetra on April 8th, 2007 02:25 am (UTC)
I love it honey great as always.
Eye See...Seven Ate Nine: Darling Laughic789 on April 8th, 2007 09:04 pm (UTC)
Thanks Doll, you are such a sweetheart! I hope you've had a good day, don't work too hard! Cheers!
rednetrarednetra on April 8th, 2007 09:05 pm (UTC)
I never work too hard. I had given it some thunking about writing more but i can not seem to get it out anymore. i guess writing over 2000 pages in story does that to a person.
(Anonymous) on April 8th, 2007 09:17 pm (UTC)
That was brill as always, glad that Gil and the baby made it Nick was just as lost as you would expect. But the best thing is Jami i just want to hug her and take her home with me. Plese update soon pretty please with sugar on it.
Eye See...Seven Ate Nine: Dressed Upic789 on April 9th, 2007 03:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading and commenting. Interesting comment about Nick-I was trying to show him uneasy and nervous. I'm glad that you like Jami, she completes the picture. There will be more... :) Cheers
Mikeshmikesh2 on April 9th, 2007 03:41 am (UTC)
Ok u can't think of ending it there. I mean we didn't even get to see the sex of their child. I mean just b/c they think they finally got their little boy doesn't mean that they did. Keep up the good work anyhow even if this story is done. I so need to get off the House mpreg kick and write the CSI one. That'll happen just about the time I probably graduate college
Eye See...Seven Ate Nine: Smokin'ic789 on April 9th, 2007 03:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your comments, I always appreciate them. :) I plan on writing more, Gil needs to remain pregnant. Remember, he's only six months along. I really enjoy writing for this little family.

Yes, please write. I hope that you're not just starting school. Hahaha