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24 March 2007 @ 05:39 pm
FIC: Six Months, Six Hours-3/4 (Nick/Gil)  
TITLE: Six Months, Six Hours-3/4
AUTHOR: ic789
RAIRING: Nick Stokes/Gil Grissom
WARNING: M-Preg, boy love
SPOILERS: In the middle of Season 7
DISCLAIMER: In the land of wee folks where men can have babies.
SUMMARY: Gil and Nick wait in the hospital for surgery to begin.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Unfortunately, I had to expand this to four chapters. I will post the next chapter soon, I swear... All comments welcome.

Closing his cel phone, Gil shut his eyes. They’d just said “Goodnight” to their cranky daughter. Jim sounded slightly frazzled, and they knew that Jami would end up in his arms to sleep. Nick nuzzled Gil’s neck in an effort to comfort himself, inhaling the man’s aroma greedily.

“Did you know Ecklie was coming?”

“Jim had to explain possibly missing court to Catherine and it spread like wildfire through the lab.” Nick kissed behind his ear. “Conrad actually has a soft spot for ya’,” he continued with small kisses.

“No. He has a soft spot for you and our daughter. She charms everyone, doesn’t she?” Gil finally leaned his head into the kisses and relaxing.

“I’m teachin’ her pretty well, huh?” Nick smiled and blew softly into Gil’s ear.

“Nick, this isn’t a good idea. You know I’m supposed to remain as calm as possible.” Gil grinned.

“Maybe not for you, but no one said anything about me.” Nick finally found his husband’s mouth, enjoying the feel of Gil’s tongue intertwining in his own.

Hearing the door open, they broke apart, and Nick scrambled off the bed. Dr. Rotsac entered with the nurse, “How’s the patient doing?”

Gil moved to cover his waking arousal. “What can I do for you?” The nurse quietly took his vital signs, as Dr. Rotsac felt his belly.

“Does this hurt?” Gil shook his head ‘no,’ and the doctor continued asking as he moved his hand over the mound. “I’m going to give you a light sedative that’s safe for the baby, so you’ll both have a good night’s rest. Nick, I presume you’re staying for the night?”

“Yeah, I’ve got to make sure he goes to the operating room.” Nick’s reassurance caused Gil to reach for his hand.

“Alright, try to get some rest, and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” The doctor left with the nurse, and Nick got back into the bed.

“Nick, you know that this might not end the way we want it too. Are you prepared for that?” Gil moved so he could look into his husband’s chocolate eyes.

“We are. If we lose the baby, I know we can have another one. Your uterus will be repaired and so will the hernia. What are the chances of the same thing happening twice?”

“Nick, are you prepared to lose me?” Gil asked seriously.

“No. And that’s not gonna happen. Jami and I need you, Gil. You wouldn’t dare leave us.”

“Please tell me that you’ve at least considered the possibility.”

Nick sighed, he hated where the conversation was going, but knew that Gil wouldn’t let him off the hook until he gave an honest answer. Tears threatened as he continued, taking a deep breath. “Yes. Your new will has been filed, and my name is on every single one of your legal documents. Your funeral arrangements are in a safe place.” He held back a sob, continuing; “Catherine or your Mom will help me take care of Jami. Is that what you want to know?”

Seeing Nick’s lower lip tremble resembling Jami’s when she was about to cry broke Gil’s heart. He hugged the man he loved tightly, feeling the tears release through the thin hospital gown. They held each other quietly, and when their lips met, both softly yielded to the emotions.

Nick finally broke away to blow his nose, handing a tissue with shaking hands to his love. “That’s why I love you, you’re so dependable.” Gil whispered, wiping at his own face.

“Please don’t leave us Peanut.” Another round of tears followed, and the men let themselves openly share their silent fears and contemplations. They settled comfortably against each other.

When the nurse came in again to adjust his IV, Gil realized that much more time had passed, and he didn’t want to squander the rest of the evening away on a negative vibe. He kissed Nick suggestively, moving him to a more comfortable position, vainly trying to rub against him. His belly wouldn’t let him snuggle around Nick’s body the way he wanted too.

Nick caught on, getting up to wash his face. He returned to find Gil completely naked. Handing him a warm washcloth, he took his clothes off slowly and got back into the bed.

They lay on their sides, face to face, kissing with intent. Nick maneuvered Gil onto his back, as he shimmied onto his left side, erection pushing into Gil’s thigh. He slowly stroked Gil with gentle firmness, rousing the semi-hardness. They kissed, nuzzled, and moved with deep love, all senses fully alert in the moment. As Gil climaxed, Nick’s final thrust and deep-throated orgasmic growl caused them both to quietly chuckle. They held onto each other murmuring love whispers and slipped into deep sleep.

Gil awoke to one nurse taking his blood pressure as another one tried to rouse a very deeply asleep Nick. The more the nurse shook his shoulder, the more Nick cuddled onto Gil like a life raft.

“Um, let me wake him up. He can be a grump.” Gil yawned as the cuff was released. “Please. We’ll both be awake in about twenty minutes.”

The nurses shrugged and left. Gil kissed Nick’s forehead, holding him close and enjoying Nick’s solid loyalty even in sleep. He mentally went over the procedure, trying to guess how long it would take until he awoke to the results. When he felt comfortable with all of the possibilities, he began nudging the heavy muscular body.

“Hey Nicky, it’s time, Honey.” Gil gently kissed Nick’s face, wiping the sleep away from his left eye with his finger. Nick nuzzled his entire body impossibly closer to Gil, just like Jami did when she was awoken from a deep sleep. She is her father’s daughter, Gil smiled at the thought of her sleeping soundly next to both of them. He wondered whether the new baby would behave the same way.

A surgical nurse entered, and Gil knew he couldn’t linger in this comfortable state. “Can we have a few more minutes?” He also knew that Nick would be embarrassed and moody having to dress in front of a complete stranger.

“I’ll give you ten minutes, and then we have to begin getting you ready. I don’t want to have to surgically remove him too.” Smiling and pointing, he left the room.

“C’mon Love, wake up.” Gil shook Nick, kissing him all over his sleepy face. “It’s time, Honey.”

“Mmmm…time…five more…” Nick’s eye fluttered and Gil knew he almost there.

“Yeah, Babe, it’s time.” Gil cooed, rubbing his back.

“Time? It’s time for the baby?” Nick’s voice was so loud; it startled Gil, who almost pushed him off the bed.

“Nicky. We’re in the hospital.”

“Did we have a boy or a girl?” Nick’s eyes were wide open, head looking for a bassinet. Gil’s laughter finished the job. “Where’s our baby?”

He was laughing so hard at Nick’s expression that he didn’t mind the pain in his belly. “Ohh…Nicky. You are so funny. I’m here for the operation, remember?”

Nick’s face clouded over, and he snuggled back into Gil. “Yeah.”

“C’mon, they have to get me ready for surgery.” They lay for a few more precious minutes, and finally Nick leaned up and gave Gil a proper ‘Good Morning’ kiss. His expression as he peeled himself up, the dried semen ripping off some fine body hair caused Gil to grin.

“You’re pretty relaxed for someone about to go under the knife.” Nick rubbed his own stomach, finally heading to the bathroom.

“It was worth it to see your various faces. You’re in rare form.” Gil pulled his gown back on, and sat up yawning.

“I’m sorry, Peanut, I should’ve let you go first,” Nick called flushing the toilet. “Do you need help?” Stretching his body first, he pulled his underpants on and went to the bedside. “What?”

“You’re so beautiful. Yeah I need help, I’m stiff. I think the baby is sleeping.” They took care of Gil’s bathroom business and got him back into bed. Nick was buckling his belt when the surgical nurse reappeared.

“Ready or not, here I come.” The nurse washed and shaved Gil’s belly, placing a cap over his hair, and handed his ring and necklace to Nick. Another nurse entered and asked more questions, placing a few different colored bracelets on Gil’s wrist in relation to the answers.

As they left for the surgical ward, Nick dialed their home. In the background he heard Jami giving strict breakfast orders to Jim for her baby-doll. After greeting and reprimanding his daughter, he handed the phone to Gil.

“It’s official.” Gil said closing the phone. “Jami might grow up to be ‘Helen Wheels’.” Both men smiled at their daughter’s emerging personality.

Waiting by the bed, holding Gil’s hand, Nick tried to keep their conversation lighthearted. “Thanks for last night.”

“Thank you. We needed that, didn’t we?”

“Yeah.” They kissed each other. “It’s gonna be fine, and no matter what happens, we’re gonna have a sibling for Jami.” Nick got back in bed.

“Okay you two, the “H” is for ‘hospital’ not ‘hotel’.” Dr. Rotsac appeared, with his staff going into the operating room. “We’ll bring you in soon. How did you sleep?”

“Very well, thanks. I haven’t had any really severe pain.”

“Good. Nick, I’ll keep you updated with our progress. If all goes well, the hernia repair should take about an hour; and we’ll take it from there.”

“Thanks Doc.”

A nurse took Gil’s vital signs, and another technician prepped him for the baby monitor. Finally, it was time.

With tears in his eyes, Nick kissed Gil deeply. “I’ll be here waiting for you Peanut. I love you.”

“I love you too. Go eat, you must be starving.” Gil hugged him hard.

They smiled at each other as the orderly wheeled the bed through the big double doors. Nick stood at the window until his bed was out of sight. He called Jim to bring Jami to the hospital. The ache of worry in his heart needed soothing, and he knew she would ease it.

A nurse came into the waiting room and searched for Nick. She finally found him sitting on the ground playing with Jami. He abruptly stood and picked her up, following the short woman to another room. Jami hugged her doll, trying to get down. When Dr. Rotsac entered, Nick’s heart was pounding with anticipation, an hour and a half had gone by.

“Gil and the baby are fine. The hernia is repaired and was substantially larger than we thought, about the size of a ping pong ball.” Nick shook his head, waiting for the doctor to go on. “Because of the size, there is a hole in Gil’s uterine wall. We’re going to try and repair the wall by overlapping the tissue, making the uterus slightly smaller. It will grow along with the baby, but we may have to keep Gil in the hospital. However, if the wall can’t be replaced, your baby is going to enter this world.”

Nick digested the information, nervously rubbing Jami’s hair. “How long will that part take?”

“Well, if it can be closed, we’ll have to wait and see if it will hold. We should know in the next hour. Since I’ll be working, I’ll send my resident out to inform you.” He could see that Nick wasn’t happy. “Nick, it will work out.”


Dr. Rotsac left, and Nick scooped Jami back up. He needed some air, and walked to the other room to get her sweater. He left the stroller and diaper bag neatly in the corner. They were outside in the small playground when his cel rang. He dropped the phone and Jami picked it up, talking into the receiver. When Nick tried to retrieve it, she didn’t want to give it back happily chatting. He raised his voice and took it from her hands, causing her frown.

“Hello. Oh, hi Sara.” Jami was still angry about the phone and was futilely reaching up Nick’s legs for it. “I don’t know where the Flister case folder is.” He contemplated handing the phone back to his daughter listening to Sara’s inability to locate the missing item. He’d had enough. “Sara, I’ve got to go. You’ll figure it out. Yeah, he’s still on the table. Thanks for asking, bye.”

When the phone rang again, he saw it was from the hospital. “Stokes.”

“Nick, you’d better come back tot the maternity ward.” It was Dr. Rotsac’s resident. “There’s a problem and the doctor needs to speak with you.”

“Is Gil okay?” Nick picked Jami up and trotted to the hospital’s entrance.

“We’ll talk when you get here.” The call ended abruptly.

Nick ran up the stairs, sweating when he got to the hallway outside the surgical rooms. “Are you Nick Stokes?” A muscular, kind faced man asked him.

“Yeah. What’s wrong?”

“You need to come into the operating room, bring your daughter.” The man steered him to a changing area where Nick put a gown on Jami and himself. They entered the double doors and stood outside the room Gil was in. Nick could hear the blood coursing through his entire body in his ears. Another nurse came to the door, motioning for Nick to enter.

“I’m going to stand here with your daughter.” The man said, taking Jami. “Here, you’ll be able to see us. Go.” Kissing Jami’s head, Nick propelled himself through the door.

Gil’s head was visible with the tube coming out of his mouth, and a surgical sheet was placed blocking the area they were working on. “Nick, come over here and look at this.” Dr. Rotsac instructed, motioning him to a monitor. “The baby shifted when we made the first attempt to repair the wall. He just managed to pull the fresh stitches enough to cause a lot of bleeding. I called you in because you may be a new dad again.”

Nick crossed his arms, ready for action.

“Doctor, the baby is going into distress.” Like a bug swarm, all of the machines seemed to hum more loudly as the nurses and doctors moved more quickly around Gil.

“He shouldn’t be here,” the neo-natal surgeon said in Nick’s direction.

“He’s the father, he should be here if we have a birth.” Another OB/GYN doctor announced.

“What’s happening?” Nick asked loud enough for everyone to hear him.

“We’re trying to stop Gil’s bleeding and it’s causing the baby’s oxygen levels to go down.” Dr. Rotsac spoke calmly. “Nick, you’d better step outside, Gil is losing too much blood. Someone will be right out.”

A nurse came over and Nick left with his heart caught in his throat. Outside, he took Jami and hugged her close to him as he waited by the door. He could see the room was working at a furious pace. When he saw the crash cart moved and being prepped, his lower lip trembled. Jami sensed something was wrong, and began to cry. They had to leave and go back outside the area.
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(Anonymous) on March 26th, 2007 03:06 pm (UTC)
Brill loving every second of this. But you are killing me with the suspence of it all, please please please update soon
Eye See...Seven Ate Nine: Beer Cutieic789 on March 27th, 2007 04:55 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading and commenting. I have the rest 3/4 finished already. I won't keep you in suspense too much longer. :)
Mikeshmikesh2 on March 29th, 2007 05:13 am (UTC)
Ok when are u going to update? DON"T KILL OFF THE BABY OR GIL!!
Eye See...Seven Ate Nine: Five O'clock Shadowic789 on March 30th, 2007 06:01 pm (UTC)
LOL! Thanks for reading. :) I tried to get it done in three chapters, and promise that four will resolve everything. I'm gonna get it posted this weekend.